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New Project

New Compare Project opens.


Following window opens to select file or folder to be compared.

When file is selected.

Same named sheets from different files are deployed to Compare Project.
Sheet compare follows setting in the Compare Option.

When folder is selected.

Files are searched that match filtering criteria under designated folder and same named sheets from those files are deployed to Folder Compare widnows.
Files in subfolders are also searched if “Include Subfolders” is checked.
Hidden Files are skipped if “Skip hidden files” is checked.

Batch Compare” is available when you wish to compare files with different file names.

Open Project

Saved project file(*.edf) opens. 

Batch Comparen

Files with different names are compared simultaneously. 

1.Drag and drop files to File List 1 or 2 on Batch Compare window.
2.Files corresponding on File List 1 and 2 in parallel are compared. Please modify their orders if necessary.
3.Push if you wish to deploy to Compare Project.
4.Push to compare.


Active windows are closed. 

Following pop-up appears when active window is not saved as Compare Project

Showing pop-up is preferable in Application Option


Overwrite saves active Compare Project.

Save As

Active Compare Project is saved with new name.

Open Result Folder

Save folder which include compare result file opens.
Save folder is preferable in Compare Option.


Excel Diff application ends.