2. Excel Diff Help
  3. Command Prompt

Command Prompt

ExcelDiff can be executed by command prompt.

ExcelDiff.exe [/P][/E:sheetName][/O:optionName][/F:fileName][/V] FILENAME1 FILENAME2
ExcelDiff.exe [/P][/E:sheetName][/O:optionName][/F:fileName][/V] PROJECTFILENAME

/P : Create ExcelDiff project file.

/E : Compare sheet.
If you want to compare the sheet names of more than one can be specified in the "/" delimiter.
However, if you do not specify a sheetName, to perform a full comparison sheet.

/C : After running, end the ExcelDiff.

/O : Option Name
If you do not specify, it compares with an option for the last time, you have set.

/F : Result file path

/V : Do not open the file results in comparison after the end.

E.x)ExcelDiff.exe /E /C /V /O:standard "c:\test1.xls" "c:\test2.xls" /F:"c:\kekka.xls"
E.x)ExcelDiff.exe /E /C /V /O:standard "c:\excelDiffProject.edf" /F:"c:\kekka.xls"